Second Annual Teaching with Technology Forum
Vassar College
April 7, 2004

Illuminating Dante
John Ahern, Italian (poster)

Vassar College Sound Map
Randy Cornelius, Psychology; Jim Metzner, American Culture (poster)

How Useful is Open-Source GIS (in a Liberal Arts Setting)?
Mary Ann Cunningham, Geography (poster)

Connecting Students to Cutting-edge Genomics and Bioinformatics Research
Kam Dahlquist, Biology (poster)

Computer Animation: Art Science and Criticism
Tom Ellman, Computer Science; Harry Roseman, Art (poster)

Digital Assets Management with ContentDM
Tom Hill, Library (poster)

Visualizing Mathematics: From Mathematica to Open Source for OS X
Heather Johnston, Math (poster)

Using the Web as a Student Collaborative Space
Bert Lott, Classics (poster)

Welcome to the Digital Underground
Brian McAdoo, Geology (poster)

Computer Methods and Modeling in Earth Science with STELLA
Kirsten Menking, Geology (poster)

Teaching Italian Renaissance Art Digitally
Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, Art (poster)

WLAP: The Web Lecture Archive Project
Eric Myers, Physics (poster)

Dilemmas of New Economy Pedagogy: Impressive Results, Unfair Process?
Leonard Nevarez, Sociology (poster)

Using Citrix to Run JMP for Statistics
Catherine O’Reilly, Environmental Science (poster)

Online Music and Video for Learning
Michael Pisani, Music (poster)

Exploring Environmental Science with GIS
Jill Schneiderman, Geology (poster)

Using Video Clips in the Foreign Language Classroom
Elliott Schreiber, German Studies (poster)

Using Discussion Forums to Enhance Student Learning
Molly Shanley, Political Science (poster)