Eighth Annual Teaching and Technology Forum.
Vassar College
April 6, 2010

PresentersBeing There: Panoramic Images in Teaching

Andrew Tallon (Art)
Prof. Tallon has been de­vel­op­ing a library of now more than three thousand digital spherical pan­or­am­ic photographs of great architecture through­out Eu­rope; he showed some images that use 3D technology. (poster)

Elemental Analysis of Art and Antiquities
Joe Tanski (Chemistry), Bona Ko (’10)
Prof. Tanski’s class used X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy to investigate the elemental composition of antiquities at the Francis Lehman Loeb Art Center. (poster)

Mattslist: Citizenship and Technology at Vassar
Saul Mercado (Anthropology), Kelsey Forrest (’11)
A project team from Prof. Mercado’s class set about to create a social networking site that could benefit the Vassar Community. (poster)

Videoconferencing with Students in Japan
Hiromi Dollase (Japanese), Yuko Matsubara (Japanese)
Students in a Japanese class used videoconferencing technology to communicate in real time with students in Japan. (poster)

Archaeological Online Database: Artifact Illustrations
Lucy Johnson (Anthropology), Anne Sando (’10)
Anne Sando digitized a large number of images of artifacts from Prof. Johnson’s collection and catalogued them for inclusion in an institutional database. (poster)

BiTT: Vassar’s Bioinformatics Think Tank
Phil Tully (’10), Sam Woodle (’10), Dan Griffith (’10)
This group of students formed their own support group for Vassar students studying bioinformatics. (poster)

Layering Techniques for Modeling Data
Alicia Sampson (’12), Rebecca Eells (’12)
Students working with Profs. Susman (Biology) and Magnes (Physics) used the MATLAB software to build mathematical models of the behavior of a species of worm. (poster)

Probing Cognitive Biases in Virtual Worlds
Zeynep Gokcen Kaya
For an independent study project, this exchange student from Turkey conducted research on social behavior in the virtual world of Second Life. (poster)

Humans Rights Education in Post-Conflict Societies: International Collaboration via Wikis
Tracey Holland (Education)
Prof. Holland developed a wiki in order to collaborate with scholars from around the world on the issue of human rights education. (poster)

Collaborative Student Writing Using Wikis in the Cities After Society (URBS 386) Seminar
Leonard Nevarez (Urban Studies)
Students in this course used wiki technology to do collaborative writing. (poster)

Exploring College, a Social Networking Site
Leslie Williams (Education), Adalake Barnwell (Education)
A social networking site was developed, to facilitate communication between local high school students and their Vassar student mentors. (poster)

Ghosting: Video Projection in Squash
Jane Parker (Physical Education)
Prof. Parker is experimenting with the use of video projection of ideal performance within the squash court, to develop students’ skills. (poster)

Bridging Text and Film: Video Streaming in World Cinema
Sarah Kozloff (Film)
Prof. Kozloff is experimenting with the use of streaming video to allow students to review film excerpts online, at any time or place. (poster)

Going to the Source by Skype-ing with Scientists
Jeremy Davis (Biology)
Students in Prof. Davis’ class employed desktop videoconferencing and a conference microphone to interview authors of articles they were studying. (poster)

Digital Dress: Engaging the Vassar College Costume Collection
Arden Kirkland, (Drama), Holly Hummel (Drama)
A database of digital images of Vassar’s historic costume collection is being developed. (poster)

A Whale of a Blog: Writing for the Little Screen and the Teaching of Literature
Natalie Friedman (English), Ben Guzick (’12), Susannah Horton (’11)
Students in Prof. Friedman’s class used blogging software to express their thoughts on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. (poster)