“Wikipedia in the Classroom”
Chris Smart (poster)

“New Tools for Academic Writing”
Rachel Friedman (poster)

“Arabic Flashcards: Increasing Accuracy and Reducing Time-on-Task”
Mootacem Mhiri (poster)

“Community and Public Archaeology”
Sara Gonzalez (poster)

“Modernism Visualized: A Geospatial Timeline Representing Convergence”
Matthew Schulz (poster)

“Observing the Self: The Role That Video and Self-Reflection Play in the Development of New Teachers”
Chris Bjork, Colette Cann, and Erin McCloskey (poster)

“Digital Storytelling: Creating an Immigration Curriculum for PHS Youth”
Maria Hantzopoulos and Maria Zapata (2013) (poster)

“Using Zotero for Citations and Collaborative Research”
Janet Gray (poster)

“An Online, Collaborative Chemistry Problem Set”
Zach Donhauser (poster)

“Monte Carlo Simulation for Modeling Risk”
Stuart Belli and Jamie Kelly (poster)

“Elemental Analysis of an Egyptian Cartonnage”
Joe Tanski, Eve d’Ambra and Julie MacDonald (2012) (poster)

“Using Omeka For A Student Oriented Digital Archive”
Arden Kirkland, Kenisha Kelly, Julie Fields (2012) (poster)