The 6th Annual Teaching with Technology Forum
Vassar College
April 21, 2008

A Tablet PC for Teaching in the Classroom
Alan Marco (Economics)

Documenting Ethnic Markets in Poughkeepsie using Google Earth, GPS mapping, and wiki-technology
My Lien Nguyen (Anthropology)

Use of Wikis to Encourage Collaboration and Discussion
Sarita Gregory  (Political Science) and David Esteban (Biology)

Interactivity in Performance
Peter McCulloch (Music)

Bioinformatics: ACTG meets 01
Jodi Schwarz (Biology) and Marc Smith (Computer Science)

Environmental Studies/Vassar Farm Kiosk Production
Meg Ronsheim and Keri VanCamp (Biology)

My Second Life in Art: Virtual Theater and Performance
Denise Walen (Drama)

Video Tutorials to Illustrate Library Services
Kathy Kurosman and Barbara Durniak (Library)

A Holistic Approach to Teaching with Technology
David Bradley (Physics)

Incorporating Student Blogging into Coursework
Nick DeLeeuw (Psychology)

Images in the Classroom
Noelle Giuffrida (Frances Lehman Loeb Museum)

Curating Video Clips for Classroom Instruction
Jill Schneiderman (Earth Science)

Sound Design for the Theatre
David Birn (Drama)

Moodle: Open-Source Software for Collaborative Learning
Geoff Jehle (Economics)