Third Annual Teaching with Technology Forum
Vassar College
April 13, 2005

Molecular Visualization in the Classroom
Miriam Rossi, Chemistry (poster)

Using Discussion Boards in a Second-Language/Culture Course
Susan Hiner, French (poster)

Digital Video Analysis in Physics
Cindy Schwarz, Physics (poster)

Use of the HP Tablet PC for Interactive Classroom Lectures
Jill Schneiderman, Geology (poster)

The Digital Tour of Poughkeepsie
Leonard Nevarez, Sociology (poster)

The Fish Fellowship: An Apprenticeship-Mentorship in Evolutionary Robotics Research
John Long, Biology (poster)

Developing Competencies Through Early Exploration: A Project-Based Approach
Mark Somerville, Olin College of Engineering (poster)

Simulating Censorship Online: The Stazi Room
Jeff Schneider, German (poster)

Taking the Classroom Outside: Tablet PCs in the Field
Kirsten Menking, Geology, and Mary Ann Cunningham, Geography (poster)

Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer; The Development of an Educational CD
Janet Gray, Psychology (poster)

Cybergraphia: Teaching Poetics for Today’s World
Teresa Vilardi, Bard College; Mary Chang, Bard College; Sharon Kopyc, Bard College (poster)