Your Daily Dose of Hanna.

Today all I did was review everyone’s podcasts, and I must say I was pleased with what I heard. All your stories were ravishing! Some people talked into the mic too hard, I’m not going to say names (Tori). Hmmmmm, I guess that’s it. Enjoy this picture of what I am going to be for Halloween.

The devilishly handsom, Jigsaw.

Danni`s Bio

I would love to work for some day.Only in fall I write short stories and poems. I have been playing the violin since the fourth grade. I love to read horror novels and movies. When my sister watching romantic comedies I like to jump in and ruine the climatic moments. I am in Love with Sonic the hedgehog even though he was created before I was born. I enjoy making people laugh, even if its a random person I just met. I can never turn down a dare. Baking is my favorite pass time in the winter.


zylynya’ s bio

Hi ,

My name is Zylynya. I’m 12 years old. I go to Poughkeepsie Middle School. I like to eat food. If i was stranded on an island I would bring matches, a filter, and canned food. My favorite color is yellow and I love to play the flute. My goal in life is to grow the longest hair in the world. When I grow up I want to be a successful chef.


pretty gold flute


i love spaghetti






the best chef in the world

Tarryn’s Bio


My name is Tarryn. Various nicknames of mine include: T, Tee Tay, Tar Tar, Tare Bear, T Baby, Bird, and Paco. I come from Arvada, Colorado (Map) but unfortunately have never skied before. Along with my mom and dad, I have 3 older brother, an older sister, and my dog Samson. I also recently came back from studying abroad in Australia.

I’m a senior Media Studies major interested in Education and Economics. I live in the town houses across the street from the library this year. In my free time you can find me dancing…usually to some Beyonce song. At Vassar, I dance with a group called FlyPeople. We dance everything from Hip Hop to Ballet to Irish Step dancing.  I also love playing the flute and enjoy hiking/adventuring in the woods. My all time favorite food is ice cream.

I would say I am a very frugal person. I love finding coupons and deals online. My favorite site is Groupon.