Featured Sites

Here is a list of current and active blogs at Vassar:

2017 Updates

The Environmental Cooperative Vassar’s Environmental Cooperative Blog

Courses using blogs (as of Fall 2011)

English 215: Chester Cycle 2010 – A blog about the production process of a Chester Cycle play. (Main author: Dorothy Kim)

Art 284: Design In Living Things – A blog about the cross-cultural learning on the art of native North America. (Main author: Karen Lucic)

English 177: Moby Dick – An exploration of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. (Main author: Natalie Friedman)

Biology 105: Virology A site in support of an introductory Biology class. (Main author: David Esteban)

English 101: Pop Culture Archive – An archive of media resources about pop culture. (Private – Main author: Hiram Perez)

Chemistry 125: Chemistry 2020 Project – A site used to explore the principles of Chemistry. (Private – Main author: Eric Eberhardt)

Faculty sites

Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert – A blog of the multidisplinary work of Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert.


Bob Suter – A site that documents Bob Suter’s research on spiders. (Private)

Drew Minter – A blog about the human voice and the amazing things people do with it.

Matthew Schultz – Finnegans Wake Reading Group

Research and outreach projects

CasperKill Watershed Oral History Project A collaborative effort to research the Casperkill Creek and its watershed.

Modeling and Experimental Tools – A blog on the application of modeling tool in a physics laboratory.

ESL Project – A collaboration between Vassar Students and the Poughkeepsie High School ESL Program.

Campus initiatives

Vassar Artist in Residence Program –  A blog about Vassar’s visiting artists and their effect on the multidisciplinary nature of the Vassar curriculum.

Off the Wall – Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center Blog.

Vassar Haiti Project – A documentation of the exciting engagement between Vassar and Chermaitre, a small town in Haiti.

Early Career Information – A resource for new and early career faculty.

Technology  in education

Techademia – A blog about teaching and technology in the Liberal Arts.

Teaching and Technology Forum 2010 – An annual forum showcasing the applications of technology in teaching and learning.

iPad Talk – An exploration of the iPad and its impact on teaching and learning.

Administrative Support

CMS Users –  A site supported by College Relations, providing information regarding the Cascade Content Management System

The Freshman Writing Seminar Faculty Resources –  A faculty resource for student writing.