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Vassar College’s WordPress system is available for members of the Vassar College Community. If you are interested in a WordPress site for your classes, your research or an activity, please fill out the form below. You should hear back from someone in CIS shortly. If you don’t receive an automated email from our WordPress system within two business days or are otherwise in a hurry, please contact ACS, thanks.

Request a Vassar College WordPress Site

Please fill out and submit this form to request a WordPress site. A message will be sent to the WordPress administrators, who will respond to your request, usually in less than a week. Once approved, you will receive an email from our WordPress system with access information. You will need to click the link in your email to confirm your role in the new site. The login information should be the same as your VC email login.
  • How are you connected to Vassar College?
  • Do you have a CIS liaison?
  • The text that you provide will be the basis for your site's URL ( No capitals, symbols or spaces.
  • How do you plan to use this WordPress site?
  • When can this site be deleted?
  • Do you plan to use forms or surveys with your WordPress site?
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