A Word About This Blog


This site is a resource for new and early career faculty. If you are just getting acquainted with Vassar, you will find useful things on this site. If you are more comfortable with Vassar and Poughkeepsie, feel free to post additional ideas, resources, and course materials! All comments are welcome.

A note about our url name: this site offers more than variations on the sample syllabus; it also provides a detailed, interactive Google map of the campus and environs. But the name comes from a friendly debate that raged, several years ago, among some faculty about whether or not the correct plural of the word “syllabus” should be “syllabi” or “syllabuses.” Turns out: both are correct to use. One learned colleague, who is well versed in Greek and Latin, explained that since the word “syllabus,” which means “order,” is a corrupted “Graecized” Latin word, the proper plural would be “syllabonta.” Coupled with the idea of a bountiful bank of sample syllabi, “Syllabounty” was born.

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