There are three main parts to our help section:

  1. WordPress Idea Help addresses some of the pedagogical and content challenges of incorporating WordPress into teaching and research.
  2. General Help points at some online resources and some strategies for finding the answers you need when you need them.
  3. Technical Help deals with some How-To’s of WordPress.

We are indebted to the Emerson College WordPress team for generously allowing us to reuse and adopt some of the WordPress resources that they have developed.

WordPress Idea Help

General Help

The WordPress Codex is essentially the online manual for everything WordPress. It is an overwhelming and abundant resource, but a few highlights for beginners are: First Steps With WordPress, Introduction to Blogging, and Writing Posts.

If you need an answer for WordPress, I suggest Googling for help (someone’s probably had the same problem before and left the answer on the Internet). Vassar faculty and students can ask ACS for help, or they can email the helpdesk.

Technical WordPress Help

The Dashboard
Admin Bar
Quick Draft
Changing Your Password
Adding New Posts
Trashing a Post
Restoring a Post
Adding New Pages
Trashing a Page
Restoring a Page
Pages vs. Posts
The Visual Editor
The Toolbar
Editing Text
Adding Paragraphs
Add Heading
Embed Videos
Creating Playlists
Working With Images
Adding an Image From Your Computer
Adding an Image From Media Library
Adding an Image From a URL
Creating and Editing Image Galleries
Editing Images
Replacing an Image
Deleting Images
Featured Images
Media Library
Media Library
Adding Media
Image Editor
Switching Themes
The Customizer
Managing Widgets
Creating and Managing Custom Navigation Menus
Organizing Content
Managing Comments
Users, Tools, and Settings
Creating and Editing Users
Tools – Importing and Exporting
Adjusting Settings