Tom McHugh ~ Education

fter retiring (age55) in 1992/3 I taught for short stints at University of Delaware and St. Mary’s College in Maryland. At St. Mary’s I created and shepherded through state approval, an innovative elementary education program.

In 1995 I founded The Mainstay, a 501c3, in Rock Hall, Maryland. Located in a 110 year old building, we present music, art shows, community book clubs, etc.

We have done nearly 700 programs since founding. Google Mainstayrockhall and we will come up. A part of our mission is working with kids who play music. Recently, for instance, we presented the University of Delaware “A” jazz band with a guest soloist on trumpet, Geoff Gallante. Geoff is 11 years old and a prodigy.

I have three bands … and we travel … two are folk related and the third, jazz. We play regularly locally, and travel to Hungary and Ireland. Before the installation of the current repressive government in Hungary, we were guests of the Hungarian government arts program.

I have a continuing relationship with Hungary. My Fulbright was there in 1992. I have been back to perform in small villages more than twenty times. I owned a tanya (farmhouse) there for twelve years … just sold it. My home village is Fulopjacob, near Kiskunfelegyhaza.

My daughters thrive. Julia is finishing her third year of doctoral study at UCLA, art history. Her field is pre-colonial Latin and South American Art. She has received numerous awards already, and has published. This summer she is off on a fellowship to the cathredral in Cusco, Peru. In addition to the regular required languages (German,Spanish) she is fluent in Quechua, the indigenous language of Peru.

Sally is a second year student at Occidental College … and plans to double major in Economics and Spanish. She is a competitive runner, and active in campus politics. (Where does she get that?)

Blood pressure, weight, eyesight, all in reasonably good shape and holding. My work as founder and director of The Mainstay and as a performer averages about 60 hours per week…but great fun Next birthday: 75.

Posted: April 2012