Welcome to the website of the Associated Emeritae/i of Vassar College. The AEVC was founded in the fall of 2007 with the principal goal of representing the interests and concerns of more than eighty retired members of the Vassar Faculty. In support of this goal, the AEVC serves the following purposes:

  • To promote effective and reliable communication between Vassar and its emeritae/i;
  • To create opportunities for emeritae/i to assist the College through participating in sponsored Vassar tours, giving lectures to Alumnae/i groups, and representing the College in civic and professional meetings;
  • To encourage the College in assisting the continuing scholarly endeavors of emeritae/i with research and computer assistance, publication subventions, travel funds, library carrels, and other support;
  • To enable the emeritae/i to to speak to the College with an informed and united voice on important financial and policy decisions that affect their economic security and well being;
  • To enhance existing social and civic connections among emeritae/i and to assist, to the extent they desire, their selective participation in Vassar’s intellectual and cultural life.
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A special welcome to Vassar alums!

One of the purposes of the AEVC website is to provide a medium through which Vassar alums can contact or access information about faculty members they knew when they were students at the college. At the top of the home page there is a link labeled Roster, which displays a list of all living Vassar emeritae/i along with email addresses and other relevant information when available. Another link, labeled In Memoriam, shows a list of deceased emeritae/i along with obituary notices or memorial minutes when available. Inquiries concerning emeritae/i for whom you cannot find adequate information may be addressed to the chair of the AEVC steering committee, Rachel Kitzinger at rakitzinger@vassar.edu.