Patricia Johnson ~ Biology

When I left Vassar, I joined the faculty at the University of California Davis in the Department of Nutrition, where I continued to do research and teach for the next 10 years, retiring from there in 1997, Teaching there was a very different experience than teaching at VC, as I had 300 students in Introductory Biology and 80 junior/seniors in Gastrophysiology. The years in research were very productive with our work resulting in approximately 100 publications in first rate scientific journals.

Unfortunately in 1996, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through the treatments, returned to work for about 6 months and then decided it was time to retire. The good news now is that I am a 16 year survivor! After my retirement I decided to take up an activity I had never had time for while working and I learned how to play duplicate bridge. I have indulged in my passion for this ever since and am now a Bronze Life Master, hoping soon to reach the next stage of Silver Life Master.

In these past years I have enjoyed life in California, and in 2009 I moved to Honolulu, where life is even more exciting and beautiful. I have enjoyed dinners at the Governors Mansion, the Japanese Consulate, College Hill of the University of Hawaii and many of the fabulous fine restaurants here on Oahu. Trips to Maui to whale watch, to Kauai to visit the National Tropical Botanical Gardens and the beach where South Pacific was filmed, to the Big Island (Hawaii) to visit Volcano National Park (Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa) and to attend the Merrie Monarch Fesitval (where halaus from everywhere compete in the hula) are some of the fun and educational opportunities I have explored.

Many friends and family have come to visit. I recently ran into one of my students from the 1970’s at an event we both attended here. I would love to hear of any other colleagues or students who live here or come to visit.

And oh, by the way, I became a great grandmother last year when my granddaughter, Margo. gave birth to a 9 lb. baby boy, Wellin Charles Fergusson, in Tampa, FL.

Posted: February 2012