Leathem Mehaffey ~ Biology

A year before Ann and I retired we were cruising in Long Island Sound with another couple, one of whom had retired from IBM the year before. One evening at anchor, over cocktails, he told us that “when you retire you’ll find you have no free time.” Of course we mocked and dismissed the idea. Big mistake!

After we retired in 2005 we took a celebratory trip to Russia (a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg), something we’d dreamed about doing for a while. Since then we’ve tried to take a good trip each year: sailing and snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands, chartering a boat on the Canal du Midi in France, another river cruise in Germany, sailing the Mediterranean on a clipper ship and most recently a three-week self-guided car and rail tour of Italy.

On a more academic side, both of us have become heavily involved in the Center for Lifetime Study which runs a “college within a college” under the auspices of Marist College. I’ve taught a number of courses including molecular biology, physiology, evolution and animal structure. Ann has taken on the role of Vice President for Curriculum, overseeing the development and structure of our forty or more courses each semester, while I’ve become president of the organization. It’s been a wonderful experience for both of us. It’s the best parts of teaching (bright, interested people who really want to be there) with none of the downside (tests, grades, lab reports, student advising, etc.). Quite a few of our colleagues among current and past Vassar faculty have graciously volunteered their time to the program and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You can find out more about us at our website: marist.edu/gpp/cls/announcements.

And Bob was right; we don’t have any “free time.” We love it.

Posted: January 2012