Richard Lowry ~ Psychology

My post-Vassar professional involvements have been chiefly in the realm of statistical theory and methodology and in computational statistics. A few years prior to retirement I had begun developing web-based software for statistical computation along with a free online statistics textbook. In the years since retirement, I have worked steadily on maintaining and expanding these two web entities:

VassarStats: Website for Statistical Computation

Concepts & Applications of Inferential Statistics

Partly in consequence of these projects, I have found myself spending quite a lot of time serving as statistical referee for two medical journals and as the statistical participant in several medical research projects. Beginning in 2011, I have also served in a statistical capacity on the editorial board of the International Journal of Lexicography. In case medical statistics and lexicography seem rather far afield for a retired professor of psychology, I’ll enhance the impression by mentioning a co-authored paper on circuit-breaker malfunction, currently in press in an engineering journal.

Another public component of my post-Vassar life, technical though not professional, is involvement in the creation and maintenance of websites for several non-profit organizations, including the AEVC.

Not the least attraction and benefit of retirement is having the time to do what one has always wanted to do but could never quite manage while working for a living and building a career. At the age of nine I fell in love with the violin, but was not able to take it up until nearly fifty years later. Early on in the years of my retirement, I discovered that what I had really fallen in love with was the viola, the more sonorous alto member of the family. Every hour that I might otherwise have been spending in a meeting of department, committee, or faculty is now spent practicing my beloved viola. Scales and arpeggios, arpeggios and scales.

Posted: January 2012