News & Events

Our fall event, on October 23rd, will be a panel led by Miriam Cohen on the upcoming election.

The Steering Committee of the AEVC is eager to add to the collection in Special Collections of oral histories recorded by retired faculty. If anyone is interested in recording their recollections of their time at Vassar, please be in touch with Rachel Kitzinger ( Brandon Deichler will provide a recording device for you and your choice of an interviewer to record your memories and thoughts about your time at Vassar, and the recording will be stored in Special Collections. There is a link to the oral histories already recorded on the links tab of this website.

Jo Sanders, a resident of Woodland Pond in New Paltz, is trying to establish a lecture series there. She herself established a life-long-learning program in Mexico when she lived there, and would love to establish a modest (perhaps once every month or so) series of lectures of interest to a well-informed and enthusiastic audience at Woodland Pond. If you are interested in giving a talk, please be in touch with Rachel Kitzinger (