Jesse Kalin ~ Philosophy & Film

Retired officially June, 2005

The book—The Films of Ingmar Bergman: The Geography of the Soul—was published that fall (Cambridge U. P.; 2005) and has since been released as an e-book (nothing like being really contemporary!), as well as being translated into Czech and Chinese (Mandarin). A chapter on The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries is reprinted in the recent European Cinema: The Defining Figures, Movements, Films, edited by Zhenya Kiperman (University Readers; 2012).

Since retiring I taught occasionally in the Film Department and also with Jennifer Church in Philosophy (seminars on opera and Wagner). I have continued the interest in opera, especially with respect to current styles and issues is staging, production, and exhibition (HD versus live, e.g.; this justifies going to the Met often).

I have also taken up cooking for the family (it provides a particular structured discipline for the day and week), as well as “tending our garden” and yard (major efforts devoted to keeping deer out, short of using violence (not that I’m opposed to that, but it is illegal). I’m good at building fences but a failure with roses.

I have also served as the emeritus representative on the College “Benefits Committee” (chaired by Betsy Eismeier).

Posted: January 2012