Supporting Scaled Responses for Digital Storytelling Assignments

Vassar, like many of its peers, is offering students the NRO option. 

I wanted to take some time to provide instructors and students an example of what student work might look like, exploring the range of scaled responses (from less time and energy to more time and energy).

Here’s a basic digital story: Ingredients include and image and a story. 

Basic Digital Story

Baynard mom dad mom-mom pop-pop

Here’s an example of a more complex narrative but build along the same lines, multiple pictures and more text:

Risa’s Bread

Here’s an example of. a podcast assignment, a bit of edited audio embedded in a WordPress page:

Interview with a Master iPhone Storyteller

A typical digital story consists of short series of images

You can use Wevideo (web based, iMovie or Davinci Resolve) – All free

Many students are currently eligible for temporary free access to the Adobe Suite, including access to Adobe Premiere. Here’s an example of a full and in depth response to the digital storytelling / video assignment.

Hopefully this helps us understand how scaled responses can be used in the NRO landscape for a digital storytelling assignment.



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