John Loree Project Proposal

I am currently working on a senior thesis in Physics. As part of this project, I intend to harvest nerve spike train signals using either an EMG apparatus or a fine-needle electrode direct to the nerves in interest. These signals tend to be obscured heavily by noise, and as such are difficult to use experimentally. For this project, I intend to use a Fourier Transform or other computational methods to separate out EMG signals from background noise, and extract the relevant parameters from those nerve signals (duty cycle frequency, peak cycle stress) that can be used to help control a robotic agent elsewhere in my project.


One thought on “John Loree Project Proposal

  1. Jenny MagnesJenny Magnes

    So, you would clean up the signal before sending it to a robotic arm. An interesting part of this project could be to investigate processing time since it looks like ‘instantaneous’ processing and control is desirable.

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