Preliminary Results – Electric Fields of Spherical Objects

My project is going interestingly. Using the equation of a point charge mentioned in my Project Plan, I achieved the following:



I was also able to successfully plot a sphere of radius 5 centered at the origin, using the SphericalPlot3D function in Mathematica 9. Superimposing the two, I achieved the following:



Clearly, however, this is incorrect, as the field lines should begin at radius of 5 (this is a hollow sphere, with all charge q [equal to the charge of an electron] at the surface), according to Gauss’s Law. I am having trouble getting this to work correctly. I have been experimenting doing it in one octant to get a better idea of how the functions work, but I am still stuck.



My trajectory for the next week is to gain a better understanding of vector functions in general and VectorFunction3D in Mathematica so that I can make better progress. My Mathematica file can be found here.


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