Modeling Electric and Magnetic Fields

For my project, I will work with Cedric Chang and study the electric and magnetic fields of a bar magnet, cylinder, and sphere. I will specifically be modeling the electric fields and will begin by deriving the Electric fields for each geometry using Gauss’s Law. Then I will use Mathematica to model the vector fields of each in three dimensions. Problems from David Griffiths’ Introduction to Electrodynamics, Third Edition may be used as examples of these kinds of geometries. These will be combined with the magnetic field of each object from Cedric and compared.


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  1. Avatar photoJenny Magnes

    – I like that you and Cedric will be comparing electric and magnetic fields by objects of the same geometry. There are a lot of parallels between electric and magnetic fields. Highlighting similarities and differences may be very useful for your class mates and future classes.

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