Hey guys,

I’m making a story, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

Here’s what I’m working on now, we’re still editing, and writing.

-Group walking around

-They see the haunted house

-One says their family owns the house, although he has never seen the inside of the house

-They go to the front door

-Walk in

-See Beautiful stairs and how beautiful the house is inside

-Walk up the stairs

-Open a door

-Go into a room with a big picture

-The picture was of the relative who owned the house and left it to the persons family

the autumn leafs crunched when the kids stepped on them. They all came back from school. It was a long day for them. Im so bored, said merle what should we do today? Merle was a tall and funny kid. He loved to make jokes and pull pranks. He had brown hair and light green eyes. Let’s get pizza, saideric. Im out of money, cole said. So am I , cole added.