Our Global Big Day

On May 9th, Dr. Mary Ann Cunningham (from the Earth Science Department) and I headed out to the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve to participate in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Global Big Day (read more about that here).  We were joined by students and faculty from Vassar College, as well as members of the community.  All told we identified 25 species of birds and introduced some new folks to birding.  Below you’ll find our species list and some great photos (taken by Tom Finckle). We’re looking forward to next year!

blue jaycatbirdcommon yellowthroat

Our List of Species!

house sparrow
red-winged blackbird
American goldfinch
European starling
eastern kingbird
barn swallow
northern mockingbird
song sparrow
common grackle
black-capped chickadee
American robin
comon yellowthroat
yellow warbler
blue jay
indigo bunting
great-crested flycatcher
swamp sparrow
clay-colored sparrow
tree swallow
yellow-rumped warbler
gray catbird
cowbirdsgoldfinchhouse sparrowindigo buntingKingbirdlady goldfinchmockingbirdRed-winged blackbirdrobinsparrowtree swallowyellow warblerruby-throated hummingbirds
red-tailed hawk
American crow
fish crow


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