Gall Lab (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)

From Left: Dr. Gall, Jaein Kim, Eileanor LaRocco, Joe Nowacki

 Gall Lab (Fall 2017)

The Northern Saw-whet Owl Team: Julia Beatini, Megan D. Gall (PI), and Megan de Koning

The Project Chickadee Team: Emma Kline, Sandy Jiang, Megan D. Gall (PI), Karla Zabala, and Katie Hoots

Gall Lab (Spring 2017)

Front row from left: Jake Korbin, Jingyi Gao, Sandy Jiang, Kevin Park. Back row from left: Chris McCann, Megan D. Gall (PI), Nick Fancher and Aaron Harvey 

 Gall Lab (Fall 2016)

From left: Nick Fancher, Jingyi Gao, Julia Beatini, Aaron Harvey, Megan D. Gall (PI),   (not pictured: Kevin Park).

Gall Lab (Spring 2016)

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Back from left: Jeffrey Gerwin,  Timothy Boycott. Front from left: Julia Beatini, Megan D. Gall (PI), Katie Nordstrom (not pictured: Kevin Park).

Gall Lab (Fall 2015)

gall lab fall 2015From left:  Julia Beatini, Tim Boycott, Katie Nordstrom, Jeffrey Gerwin, Aaron Kim, and Megan D. Gall (PI).

Gall Lab (Spring 2015)

P1000753Back from left: ,Aaron Kim, Jacob Damsky,  Timothy Boycott, and Megan D. Gall (PI). Front from left: Tymon Dickson, Carly Barbera, Jingyi Gao

Gall Lab (Fall 2014)

P1000728From left: Tymon Dickson, Aaron Kim, Jacob Damsky, and Megan D. Gall (PI)
(not pictured: Timothy Boycott)

Gall Lab (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)

P1000601From left: Arick Wong, Ali Ehrlich, Aaron Kim, Megan D. Gall (PI)
(not pictured: Tymon Dickson and Jacob Damsky)