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Project Proposal: Magnetic Levitation and Maglev Trains

For my project, I will research magnetic levitation – the method by which objects are suspended with only the support of magnetic fields – and explore the application of this method in maglev trains. These trains operate by one of three maglev technologies: electromagnetic suspension (EMS), electrodynamic suspension (EDS), or magnetodynamic suspension (MDS).

I will model the magnetic fields that allow these trains to levitate and propel along the tracks, as well as the induced currents that are generated by these fields in the electrodynamic suspension (EDS) method. Mathematica, Microsoft Excel, and Wolfram Alpha are the computational tools that I intend on using to do this.

The visual aids on my blog page will include graphs modeling the magnetic fields, as well as the induced currents in the EDS method. Through an analysis of these models, I will explain the physics behind this futuristic method of transportation.