Information for Presenters and Class Managers


If you need assistance, call us at 845-437-7229 or email us at

Thank You for volunteering to be a Presenter or a Class Manager

An orientation for presenters and class managers of ON-CAMPUS courses is held at the beginning of each semester to familiarize you with the Vassar classroom technology.

  More information can also be found here: Orientation for Presenters and Class Managers (please note: student tech contact info is out-of-date in this presentation)

Click HERE to view a video recording of the Zoom Training/Orientation session for Presenters and Class Managers.

Helpful Guidelines for Class Managers of On-Campus Classes: FOR ON-CAMPUS CM GUIDELINES CLICK HERE

Helpful Guidelines for Class Managers of Zoom Classes: FOR ZOOM CM GUIDELINES CLICK HERE

Class Format:

Lifelong Learning courses encompass a wide range of subjects in social sciences, physical sciences, the arts, life and leisure activities, that are taught by volunteer that include retired and active faculty, outside experts and members. Courses will be held both in person and online. Training in Zoom will be available and zoom fees will be covered by VCLLI.

Course proposals for the upcoming semester:

  • Proposals for Presenters for upcoming semester are due by the date listed on our calendar page.
  • However, we would appreciate it if you filled in your proposal ASAP by clicking on the link: NEXT SEMESTER COURSE PROPOSAL FORM.

Moodle Course Site:

The Lifelong Learning Institute has a Moodle course site for every class. You can share resources such as PDF files, photos, short films or audio, and more. We recommend looking at other presenters’ sites to see how different people are using Moodle for their class. If you wish to place some material on your space, you can send it to us at attn: Moodle site, and we will upload it for you. If you wish to learn to work the Moodle yourself, let us know and we will help you with it.

AV Availability and Support

 Zoom training will be available for presenters and Zoom fees will be covered by VCLLI.

For on-campus classes, at Orientation, the use of  Classroom Technology will be demonstrated, and a Vassar student will be available all day on Fridays to assist with any technology issues.

Campus Resources

See Campus/Resources for information about the Hospitality Room, campus maps, parking on campus, and library use.