Hear That? It’s the Silent City

“In the country, we have trails on the farm and we go running and walking. We have a few animals.”


Trials of the Century, Then and Now

“Mayor Nicholas Valentine of Newburgh, N.Y. has engaged in one of the more aggressively public bids, arguing on Fox News on Friday that his perennially struggling Hudson River town of 28,000, about 70 miles north of ground zero, would benefit from the economic boost provided by hosting a major federal trial.”


The Morning the Milking Was Finished

“‘I’ve been in agriculture my whole life, and this is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard,’ said Dave Tetor, an extension agent for 28 years in Dutchess County, who broadcasts agricultural news in the area.”


To Survive, Dairy Farmers Go Co-op

“He signed up eight family farms in Dutchess and Columbia Counties that produce 1.6 million pounds of milk a month, 200,000 of it sold through Hudson Valley Fresh. So far it’s working.”


It’s the Traffic, Stupid

“A new entrant on the choke-point list last year was Route 17 eastbound leading up to the Route 211/Exit 120 interchange in New York near Poughkeepsie. This was due solely to a new construction project.”


From Snowy to Snowier

“Skiers and snowboarders in the city sold out a 55-seat bus heading for Hunter Mountain, 100 miles north of the city, on Friday, hoping to get first tracks in the fresh powder.”


Swinging on the Hudson: An Unlikely Haven for Jazz

“One recent development should add some incentive for out-of-towners: last fall Mr. Falco moved the Falcon from his backyard to larger accommodations on Route 9W, the town’s main drag.”


Legal Threats and Bike Rides by the Hudson

“After three months of arguing back and forth with the lawyer, he agreed not to use the word ‘Hudson’ for his ride, which he renamed Bike the River Valley with a permitted description: ‘A Nice Day of Cycling Along the Hudson.'”


Spring Awakening at DIA:Beacon

“The northbound Metro North train departing from Grand Central on Sunday morning had two types of sneetches on board: There were those destined for the Dia:Beacon Spring Benefit, distinguished by the double mwah mwah of their Francophile greeting. Then there was the Poughkeepsie bound, a group, on the whole, sporting more tattoos and less seersucker.”


In Newburgh, Gangs and Violence Reign

“Built along a scenic bluff on the west bank of the Hudson River, Newburgh has long been known for problems far out of proportion to its population of 29,000.”


90 Miles Upstate, a Brooklyn Feel

“Rosendale, in Ulster County, is hardly the first place to consider itself Brooklyn North or the sixth borough. But like New Paltz and Beacon before it, this depressed former cement manufacturing town of 6,400 has lately had a steady influx of creative freelancers with 917, 718 and 646 area-code cellphones.”


Hudson River Walkway, an Improbable Treat

“When it opened in October, after almost 20 years of quixotic reclamation efforts, it seemed a victory of inspiration and persistence over practicality.”


Between the Farm and Table

“Mr. Lewis, a former professional beekeeper, has slowly built a modest empire of whole grains and organic flours amid the waves of grain in the rolling terrain of Dutchess County, in the mid-Hudson Valley.”


State Secret: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Plans

“In Rhinebeck, where pictures of the former President and Secretary Clinton hang in many of the downtown shops, preparations do seem to be under way for something big.”


Snooki’s Time

“The pouf has been her signature, along with her frisky nickname, since she was in high school in Marlboro, where she was a cheerleader.”


Wedding Is Talk of the Town, but Nobody’s Talking

“‘It’s very laid back, but it’s a civilized laid back,’ said Gail Saucier, a real estate agent and former bond trader who moved here from Manhattan a few years after 9/11. ‘ I always joke that I’ll stay here until there is a Tiffany on Main Street.'”


House Tour: Clinton Corners, N.Y.

“This 76-acre property in Dutchess County horse country includes paddocks, two ponds and a mix of meadow and woods, divided by a winding road. The house, built in 1896, is in good condition.”


Racial Patterns Are Found in Recent School Budget Elections

“In Poughkeepsie, where nearly 85 percent of the students are black or Hispanic and about 60 percent of the eligible voters are white, ‘it was the first time our budget failed,’ said Ellen Staino, president of the Board of Education.”


Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles Into U.S.

“Similar complaints have been made by others, including a Chicago couple who encountered the patrol on a train to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., for the woman’s graduation from Vassar College.”


For G.O.P., A County in Transition

“Dutchess County has historically been a place where pitchforks were for hay and tea parties meant ladies in hats eating finger sandwiches.”


Time for a Place in the Country?

“‘I think the market still has a little bit of room to drop here,’ she said, ‘whereas in New York City, I think it has bottomed out and now is starting to go up.'”


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