At Least 2 Are Dead As Region Endures Cold

“By evening, the line was combining some trains — for example, the 5:09 to Poughkeepsie and the 5:12 to Beacon suddenly became one — and canceling others.”


A Boon for the Catskills, Or Something in the Water? Construction of $250 Million Resort Could Pollute City’s Reservoir, Critics Say

“Those who came to the mountains for a vegan, Zen-infused, counterculture way of life fear that the project would destroy what they came to enjoy.”


Little-Known Legislator to Face Schumer, G.O.P. Leaders Say

“Mr. Mills, who was a councilman and town supervisor in Wallkill, studied political science at Marist College in Poughkeepsie and according to one of his professors, Lee Miringoff, was ‘energetic and focused.'”


Cold Spring Journal: A Sequel for an Endangered Bookstore?

“Despite throngs of tourists on sun-kissed weekends, Cold Spring can be a tough market. Fewer than 2,000 people live in the village, and inclement weather can keep visitors away.”


Two Ministers Are Charged In Gay Nuptials

“The Ulster County district attorney filed criminal charges yesterday against two Unitarian ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies in New Paltz, N.Y., after a court barred the mayor from doing so.”


Residential Real Estate: Old-Fashioned Main Street Coming Right Up

“‘The next county to the north is Putnam, but it’s small, and much of it is dominated by New York City watershed property that can’t be developed. So Dutchess is the next stop, the first place outside of Manhattan where you can find a house for $300,000 without crossing a bridge over the Hudson River.'”


Weekender | Millerton, N.Y.

“Though full-timers and weekenders report a peaceful coexistence, a shortage of available housing has caused some friction. ‘The biggest gripe we hear around here is that kids who grew up in Millerton can’t afford to live here now,’ Mr. McEnroe said.”


Owner of Pizza Chain and His Son Are Shot Inside Their Home

“The owner of a chain of pizzerias and his son were shot repeatedly at close range in their home in Newburgh, N.Y., on Monday morning, and the police appealed on Tuesday for information about the shooting.”


A River Runs Through Them

“But the rediscovered Hudson is creating a rift of its own. Of the $140 million invested in cultural institutions in the region in the last five years, almost every dollar was spent on the east side of the river, according to Ned Sullivan, president of Scenic Hudson, a regional conservation and arts group.”


Sometimes, a Pipeline Is a Lightning Rod

“There are 816,000 square miles of land in Orange County, on the west side of the Hudson 40 miles north of New York City, but sometimes you get the feeling that every bit of civic angst is focused on just 1.1 of them, the 691 acres that make up the booming Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel.”


Competitive-Bid Law Hinders Quest for Alternative Energy Sources

“But two months ago, Pleasant Valley, tucked in the Taconic mountains just east of Poughkeepsie, became outlaw territory in the eyes of the state comptroller’s office when local officials decided they cared more about the environmental source of the town’s electricity than its price.”


Going Up the Country, But Keeping All the Toys

“Many of the family’s friends were also transplanted city dwellers, who maintained one foot in old careers while undergoing a conversion to earth-friendly living.”


Say ‘Pro Tryouts,’ and Here They Come

“As a group of players gathered at Dutchess Stadium here for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays tryout earlier this month, T-shirts and hats announced some pedigrees: Westchester-Putnam Baseball, Beacon Baseball, Rutgers-Newark Baseball, Oswego State.”


Peace Signs Versus Other Gestures

“There are more propitious places to turn out. Middletown is a struggling, heavily black and Hispanic center in largely Republican Orange County.”


Germantown, N.Y.: Real Estate as an Art Form

“They spent every weekend there, and before long the Sunday-itis, to put a name to that familiar sinking feeling — the end-of-the-weekend dread — grew so strong they began hatching a plan to move to the county full-time.”


Where Creative Heat Meets Molten Metal

“It sometimes has the feel of the pious descending on Santiago de Compostela on St. James’s Day: the hordes of weekend art pilgrims, identifiable usually by their funky glasses and carefully studied unstudied look, stepping off Metro-North trains in Beacon, N.Y., and wandering in large groups down the street to Dia:Beacon, the skylighted shrine to Minimalist and Conceptualist art that opened last year.”


Destination: Gehry. Route: Country Roads.

“Nestled in a bucolic corner of the Hudson River Valley 90 miles north of New York City, the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College — designed by Frank Gehry — has become a must-see destination for travelers working their way through a culturally hip checklist: Dia:Beacon in Beacon, N.Y.; Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass.; Mr. Gehry’s recently unveiled Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago; and, of course, the holy grail of the architecturally savvy set, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, also by Mr. Gehry.”


Sure, It’s Not Bowling. But Polo is Catching On.

“At the Mashomack Polo Club in Millbrook, N.Y., the eclectic membership roster includes a farmer, a retired airline pilot and a polo instructor who once aspired to be an English professor.”


Drive-In Food Trumps Staged Politics

“The Red Rooster, an A-framed monument to American road food at its finest, with a red and white facade, a plaster vanilla cone on the roof, and imperial burgers, chili dogs and onion rings, will not replace Nobu, Daniel and Per Se as a Republican convention dining hot ticket.”


Fun Takes the Reins At a Dude Ranch

“Started five decades ago with a small number of horses headed to the slaughterhouse, the ranch, which has more than 100 well-cared-for horses, is nestled west of Poughkeepsie and south of New Paltz on 500 acres of the Shawangunk Mountains.”


Moving Out, Seeking the Next SoHo

“They have found a community of artists in Beacon, and so they feel at home, and yet they remain connected to the city, which is just over an hour away on the train.”


Dutchess County: Signs of a Comeback in Downtrodden Beacon

“New cafes and retail establishments have opened, and real estate brokers report that property values are on the upswing.”


This Boat Is Your Boat, This Boat Is My Boat, and the Hudson Is Beckoning

“Since then the Hudson has made a remarkable recovery, as have dozens of Hudson Valley towns like this one, once a postindustrial relic, now — unbelievably — a hip artists’ enclave.”


Misuse of Money Alleged at Veterans’ Charity

“Investigators for the state attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, have begun looking into the relationship between the organization’s New York office and the Adm. William F. Halsey Senior Village, a housing complex for the low-income elderly in Poughkeepsie.”


A Sigh of Relief in Hyde Park

“The deal reconnects Roosevelt’s home, called Springwood, to the Val-Kill property, where Eleanor Roosevelt moved after her husband’s death.”


Napa of the East? The Hudson Valley Stakes a Claim

“The Hudson has revived its place as New York City’s food market.”


Treasures in the Backyard

“Housed in a refurbished factory along the banks of the Hudson River, Dia:Beacon contains dozens of seminal works of minimal and conceptual art.”


Out of the Basement, Sparked by a Scream and a Dream

“Every young band wants to be like Matchbook Romance, a group of high school students from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., discovered by Epitaph’s chief executive, Brett Gurewitz, who found their MP3 online.”


Weekender | Rosendale, N.Y.

“Some say it is easier to track down a black bear than an available contractor in the area.”


Poughkeepsie: Restoration Grant For Famed Ship

“The Clearwater, a 106-foot sloop that has served as a floating environmental classroom on the Hudson River, New York Harbor and Long Island Sound, has been awarded a restoration grant of $300,000 by the Dyson Foundation of Millbrook, N.Y.”


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