New York’s Overlooked Ski Resorts

“Lodging has been a problem for a few New York areas, but at Hunter and Windham, for example, new residential developments have addressed many of those shortfalls. Belleayre plans a huge on-mountain real estate project.”


Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat

“And so last week, Mr. Shute could be found here, elbow-deep in wet compost two hours north of New York City, filling greenhouse trays for onion seeds. Along with a partner, Miriam Latzer, he runs Hearty Roots, a 25-acre organic farm.”


Wiggle Room for Summer Rentals

“‘If I had 10 houses in my pocket, I could have rented them all,’ she said. ‘We have more demand than in the past, because a lot of New Yorkers who usually go to the Hamptons are exploring here because it’s a better commute, it’s not as crowded, and it’s less expensive.'”


Urban Areas on West Coast Produce Least Emissions Per Capita, Researchers Find

“Other metropolitan areas in the top 25 included Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, New Haven, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Rochester.”


Foodies on the Hudson

“Second-home owners don’t necessarily want an exact facsimile of a Manhattan dining experience.”


At a Roadside Vigil, an Iconic Voice of Protest

“Mr. Seeger, a political activist who has traveled the world, rarely ventures farther than the few miles from here to his home in Beacon, N.Y.”


Along the Hudson, Searching for Old

“For my money the closest thing to antiques heaven is the mid-Hudson Valley, about two hours north of Manhattan.”


The Pleasure of a Pool on a Cleaner Hudson

“Still, when the folk singer Pete Seeger and a cluster of about 50 supporters and co-conspirators gathered by the river on Thursday to dedicate the River Pool at Beacon, a partly submerged pool in which Hudson River water flows through an intricate mesh framework, it was hard not to see both a small thing and a small miracle.”


Hudson Valley Views

“The real Stissing Mountain, at 1,403 feet, is a highly visible, central landmark near the northeastern Dutchess County town of Pine Plains. It once served as a lookout for spotting forest fires.”


The Hudson’s New Wave

“As factories are turned into museums, and environmental advocates become hotel developers, he said, tourism, recreation and real estate are ‘the dominant industries on the river now.'”


Music in the Air

“By 2004, we’d purchased 25 acres in the area. And now, all year, if we want it, the Fisher Center provides us with arts opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise.”


Hip-Hop Star Akon Seeks a Jury Trial

“Last summer Akon was accused of tossing a fan off the stage at a concert near Poughkeepsie, N.Y.”


The Massage Just Up the Road

“At Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton, N.Y., about 90 minutes north of Manhattan, manicures and pedicures are done beside the indoor pool, which is enclosed by soaring glass ceilings and overlooks the Hudson River.”


Flour That Has the Flavor of Home

“Setting up the cleaning, milling, sifting and storage facilities required for a small-scale mill like Wild Hive’s costs at least $30,000, Mr. Lewis said.”


Today, It’s a Long Drive to the Drive-In

“New York has more than 30 outdoor theaters and ranks third in the nation after Pennsylvania and Ohio, but metropolitan residents have to drive upstate past the cornfields to the Overlook Drive-In in Poughkeepsie to catch a double feature.”


An Art Gallery That Has No Walls

“Ms. Bloch, who lives in Pleasantville, was running a business for hotel companies from her home before starting the Beacon gallery.”


Art and Calm Just Up the Hudson

“Front-row seats on the river are just one reason to make the 80-minute journey to Beacon, a former mill town reborn as a center of the arts.”


What You Get for … $375,000

“While the hamlet is bereft of amenities compared with nearby Stone Ridge, Woodstock and New Paltz, it is also free of intrusive visitors.”


House Hunting, Catch and Release Style

“I enter ‘through 1800,’ and up come listings for houses made of stone, brick or clapboard, built in the Colonial era by the Dutch and then the English in their own vernacular styles — 73 of them in a recent search, ranging from $50,000 to $5 million.”


DNA Links Sex Offender to Cold Case in New Jersey

“The search continued on Monday for the missing woman, Laura Garza, who was last seen with Mr. Mele in Newburgh, N.Y., about 70 miles north of Manhattan.”


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