A Man in a Pickle Jumps Into the Brine

“A heightened level of seriousness entered the equation when Mr. Field visited friends in upstate New York three years ago and learned about the Rosendale International Pickle Festival.”


A Modern-Day Noah, and the Water’s Rising

“But was Kathy Stevens, intrepid founder of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, rethinking just what she had wrought four years ago when she created the menagerie that now includes 18 horses, 8 cows, 25 goats, 9 sheep, 8 pigs, 20 chickens, 2 turkeys, 5 geese, 12 ducks and 5 rabbits? Clearly, she was not.”


A Second Home, A Second Career

“While there are no figures on the number of weekenders who have taken to selling real estate, many popular vacation spots boast one or more.”


New vs. Old, This Time With a River

“But the fact is there are fewer and fewer Springers left. The mayor estimates that they make up 40 to 45 percent of the town. Ed Cretelli, who went to high school with Mr. Phillips and now runs C&E Paint Supply, thinks it’s more like 15 to 20 percent.”


Country Dinner Parties: Mind Your Manners

“Despite tales of urbanite cluelessness, however, country weekend hosts are locked into a time-honored symbiosis with city dwellers looking for temporary escapes from the asphalt. It is the lack of urban stimulation, after all, that makes the dinner party so crucial to country-house socializing.”


Local Reading, for the Rich

“There is another office in Poughkeepsie with 20 people, but that is for Hudson Valley magazine, a general interest magazine that Mr. Martinelli also publishes.”


Where Snow Is Stubborn, Skiers Can Be Stubborner

“For Belleayre, which is finishing its busiest year ever, opening early in the season and staying open late is part of a marketing plan.”


Weekender | Catskill, N.Y.

“While prices are now rising fast in Catskill, a Victorian that could be bought five years ago for $75,000 would still cost only $150,000 to $200,000, said Lucinda Mellen of the Property Store in Freehold, N.Y. — still ‘a song,’ she noted, compared with prices in Columbia and Ulster Counties.”


Ex-Boyfriend of Woman Found in River Is Arrested

“She disappeared on June 20, 1998, from their home in Newburgh, N.Y.; her skeletal remains were discovered in 2001 near the New York State Thruway south of the town.”


The Taking of the Picture Lasts Longer

“But then ghostly blurry images compacted over time feel right at home in Newburgh, a place of palpable decay and vibrant history, its distilled essence not at all clear.”


Weekender: Montgomery, N.Y.

“Once an area of ‘poor dairy farms,’ according to Ms. Gillespie-Stoller, the Town of Montgomery has attracted many new residents in recent years: some weekenders, some snowbirds, more commuters.”


More Room to Grow Creatively

“Poughkeepsie is best known as an old, working-class Hudson River town that time and stagnation have left in disrepair and disrepute. But these days it is also home to Huma Bhabha and Jason Fox, a successful New York artist couple who were looking to escape the punishing cycle of ever-rising rents on their Manhattan studios and a depressing tenement apartment.”


Book Names Beacon As Art-Friendly Town

“Peekskill is out. Beacon is in. At least, that is the report from the fourth edition of John Villani’s 100 Best Art Towns in America: A Guide to Galleries, Museums, Festivals, Lodging and Dining, which was published by Countryman Press last month.”


Women Find Their Place in the Field

“Cheryl Rogowski planted her seeds of change in the black soil of Orange County, N.Y., in 1994. Her parents, first-generation Polish-Americans, built the W. Rogowski Farm, starting in the 1950’s.”


In the Garden of Yin, Yang and Yeats

“But Innisfree’s beauty rests in its curative effect, no matter the season. ‘It’s a place of great spirit,’ said Mish Tworkowski, a jewelry designer from Manhattan who has a weekend home nearby. ‘An astringent for city life.'”


6 Prisons, 2 Visiting Days and a Taxi Fleet

“Business had slowed, after all, as the early morning crowd of mostly black and Hispanic prison visitors thinned out and a new group of travelers — white and middle class — hopped off the train and took the short walk to Dia:Beacon, the modern art museum that opened here in 2003.”


When Guests Go Bad

“As one frequent weekend host, Mish Tworkowski, 42, whose country home is in Millbrook, N.Y., put it: ‘Having weekend houseguests is really the only chance we have in our oversubscribed lives to spend ‘family time’ with friends.'”


Small Towns: Weekend Houses Where Everyone Walks

“WHERE: Cold Spring, N.Y. WHAT: 3-bedroom house. HOW MUCH: $549,000.”


Audits of Schools’ Finances to Extend Throughout State

“Upstate districts where state auditors have started to scrutinize the books include Catskill, Mount Vernon, Sullivan West and Windham-Ashland-Jewett.”


Ex-Employee Kills Himself After Shooting 3 in Factory

“The violence badly shook employees of the factory, Verla International, and residents of the hamlet, New Windsor, N.Y.”


Vassar’s Alumnae House in Poughkeepsie

“If you always wanted to go to Vassar, but not pay the tuition, here’s your chance.”


Amenia, N.Y; A ‘Laid Back’ Place Becomes a Hot Property

“There are two Amenias. The town center is a single block, deserted after dark, with a couple of antiques stores, a Sears, a synagogue, a law office, a post office and perpetual plans by the town to spruce things up. Then there is backcountry Amenia.”


The Religious and the Greens Could Be an Influential Pair

“Religion seems to be everywhere these days in American politics — except in the Northeast. But in fact, you can’t turn a corner in the Catskills without passing a religious retreat.”


Decorative Concrete

“Concrete without a fancy name is still used by custom fabricators like Get Real Surfaces in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., which has a celebrity clientele.”


Rooms With Views Replace Factories on Hudson’s Banks

“In historic Kingston, the first state capital, in Ulster County, a developer wants to transform an abandoned cement plant into 2,182 rental and condominium apartments and town houses.”


Newburgh, N.Y.: Finally, A Confirmation of a Rebound

“And this detail, like Newburgh’s affordable homes, exquisite architecture, spectacular views and pioneering spirit, is yet another reason, residents say, to root for its recovery. ‘We were drawn to the grittiness,’ said Rachel Andrews.”


In Their Diversity, Mourners Honor the Spirit of a Leader

“Many credit Mr. Islam, who died on Oct. 21 (the cause was liver failure), with helping to put Poughkeepsie on a more positive path.”


Sexual Offender Is Arrested in Killing of Ex-Companion

“A convicted sex offender facing charges of raping his former companion’s mother killed the daughter on Tuesday and then set fire to her New Paltz apartment building, the Ulster County district attorney said yesterday.”


Her Son Is Safe Now, but Other Soldiers Remain

“He died in Ramadi on Sept. 19, becoming at the time the 11th soldier from the mid-Hudson Valley area to die in connection with the war. He was 27.”


Finding the Perfect Tree Can Become a Perfect Outing

“Farms ready to lend you a saw and sell you a conifer are dotted all over the countryside, but one place to find the essential elements — fresh air, a rural setting and acres of aromatic evergreens — is the rolling hills of Dutchess County, N.Y., east of the Hudson River.”


Ferry + Train – Car = No Bridge Woes

“Newburgh residents ‘are looking forward to tourism and economic development, and all those sorts of things,’ said Aquanetta Wright, of Newburgh, who sells coffee and muffins from a stand she sets up at the Newburgh dock every morning.”


Shaking Off the Rust, New Suburbs Are Born

“The area was the fourth most popular destination for expatriate New Yorkers, after Miami, Orlando and Poughkeepsie, another industrial area being recycled as a bedroom city.”


Welding Their Way to TV Fame

“After all, in a world where the fickle finger of celebrity and fame can tap almost anyone, what more inspiring contemporary fable can there be than the still-unfolding tale of the Teutuls, who have gone from plain old metal-bending working folk in Orange County near Newburgh to become perhaps the greatest real-life, real-folks, reality show success story of them all?”


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