The Pleasures Of the Hudson, Even in the Cold

“He, too, is occasionally seen in the raw wind of the river, on the Mid-Hudson Bridge between Poughkeepsie and Highland. There he stands with camera in hand, photographing the tugboats and icebreakers.”


Goodbye, Suburbs

“Learning the hard way, twice, Mary A. Sweeney, an Upper East Side registered nurse, moved back and forth — then back and forth again — to Poughkeepsie.”


Mountains Are Making Room for Tubes

“There are five stand-alone snow tubing parks attached to major skiing destinations in the Catskills region alone: Hunter Mountain, Cortina Mountain Resort, Windham Mountain, Plattekill Mountain and Holiday Mountain.”


Lawyer Paid Mother for Sex With 2 Teenagers, D.A. Says

“Mr. Colliton, who has a wife and five children in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., was indicted last week on charges of second-degree rape and patronizing a prostitute in the second degree. He is also charged with bribing a witness and tampering with a witness.”


For Some Die-Hards, Spring Means the Season Is Just Warming Up

“Hunter and Windham Mountains in upstate New York have teamed to offer a March Mountain Madness discount coupon valid through April 16 that is good for up to 20 percent off lodging.”


A Place of Their Own, Where Creativity Rules

“‘There is a real pioneer spirit up here, with everyone coming together to collaborate on many levels. That is the beauty of a place like Beacon.'”


5 Figures (Zip Codes) Tell Neighbors’ Wealth

“In Dutchess County the top interest income was in Millbrook ZIP code 12545 at $3,898.61 and the bottom was Maybrook ZIP code 12543 at $259.36.”


A Trip Without Fido? You Gotta Be Kidding

“Bed by the Stream, where we stayed in Saugerties while skiing at Windham and walking about, is a five-room converted home on a minifarm that can best be described as an animal-first establishment.”


State-to-State Migration Is Linked to Cost of Housing

“‘In effect, the housing affordability crunch in metro New York is a windfall for nearby areas like Allentown and Poughkeepsie and Southern hot spots like Tampa and Orlando,’ he said.”


An Architect’s Design for Weekend Living

“‘The country and city are not separate lives,’ Mr. Davis said. ‘They are two parts of one life — just two very different parts. I couldn’t imagine one without the other.'”


Bigger Houses, Longer Commutes

“Interstate 84, which crosses southern Dutchess County just above the Putnam County line, used to be considered the boundary for most commuters to New York, said William J. Lavery, a regional vice president in Houlihan Lawrence’s Dutchess County offices. But that is no longer the case.”


And Now, a Few Words on West Point®

“Since then, sometimes to the chagrin of folks in Highland Falls, the village just outside its gates, West Point has taken to heart the importance of protecting its trademark from unauthorized uses.”


Brooklyn on the Hudson

“The local crowd in Tivoli has an effortlessly hip and creative edge about it, as if it fled Brooklyn before the rest of us ruined it.”


Hyde Park, N.Y.: Learning History Where It Was Lived

“The late-afternoon sun sparkled on the Hudson River as our tour group emerged from Springwood, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home in Hyde Park, N.Y.”


Small Cities Hit Hard in Crime Report

“‘Right now, comparing anywhere to New York City is kind of a setup because New York City has become extraordinarily safe,’ Mr. Kennedy said. ‘It’s places not just the size of Albany and Buffalo but places the size of Newburgh that are having big-city crime problems.'”


Welcome to the Country

“The cilantro belt has expanded steadily, and there are now more great things to eat within a two-hour drive than even the Dining section reporters can count. But we tried.”


Orange County, a New-Home Frontier

“Responding to a surge of construction of new houses west of the Hudson River, Metro-North Railroad has beefed up its commuter service to an area that it used to consider ‘a never-never land,’ according to Dan Brucker, a spokesman for the railroad.”


In the Summer, in the City, the Heat Changes a Tune

“True now when Mr. Sebastian, 62, lives a nice life of playing what he wants when he wants and hanging out in his Woodstock house full of Craftsman tools, Solid Gold Dog Food and musical instruments from guitars to a prized souped-up washboard.”


Pickles, Pies and Blue-Ribbon Biscotti

“Next weekend the Dutchess County Fair, which begins on Tuesday and ends on Aug. 27 in Rhinebeck, N.Y., will pit local firefighters against the county sheriff’s department in a hugely popular ‘Iron Chef’-style cooking contest.”


Strolling the Gardens of Science

“The name Institute of Ecosystem Studies conjures images of white lab coats and closed doors. But take a path under a large oak tree on the institute’s grounds, and you’ll be in the midst of beautiful, pink-hued Japanese anemones, rose-colored sedums, black-eyed Susans, multicolored cone flowers and pink and blue fall asters.”


Farm Animals Are at Center of Town Divide

“To those involved in local agriculture, like Alexander Kaspar and Ken Kleinpeter, what happened is likely an increasingly familiar clash between the world of the farm and the world of suburban animal advocates, with Mr. Saunders guilty of owning a barn that was kept, well, like a barn. That the arresting deputy with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Barbara Dunn, is president of the local Humane Society did not help.”


Hyde Park Considers a Makeover

“Still, he is not interested in bringing big-box stores to Hyde Park, he said. Instead, he wants to attract food- and wine-oriented businesses, like Dean & DeLuca and Sur La Table, as well as bookstores and home furnishing and accessory stores.”


For Two Pickle Guys, Okra Dives Into the Brine

“Smokra, okra with smoked paprika, is the latest in Rick Field’s line of artisanal pickles. Mr. Field has sold his Rick’s Picks, which are made in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., for the past two years in Greenmarkets (Union Square on Wednesdays) and online at”


Plans for a Private Racetrack Fuel a Public Battle, With Some Surprising Alliances

“Possible, but not likely, since the project calls for building a mile-long, at-home racetrack on lovely rolling terrain in the farm and second-home country of Columbia County 110 miles north of Times Square.”


Feeding Appetites for the iPod of Apples

“‘This is a much more complicated business than it used to be,’ said Mr. Mead, who farms 185 acres on gorgeous hilly terrain across the Hudson from the Catskills.”


Tougher on the Car, Easier on the Wallet

“About halfway through his 75-minute commute home from Scarsdale to Fishkill, Gary Lockwood, a financial salesman, says he rolls down the car window and drinks in the fresh air, pleased that the houses are set farther apart and the landscape is less congested.”


From Raquel to Chick Grit, Women Bond in This Derby

“Perhaps, one way or another, this tiny hamlet north of Ellenville and west of New Paltz was destined to become the smallest node in the somewhat baffling resurgence of roller derby from casually cheesy minor sport to purposefully cheesy gal pal empowerment and extreme sport phenom.”


Hudson Valley Becomes Notable for Its Exurbanites, Survey Finds

“The study, released this week by the Brookings Institution in Washington, found that while the Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown metropolitan area ranked 19th in population of exurbanites, those 200,000 residents accounted for 32 percent of the region’s population.”


He’s the Hall With Colbert, Not Oates

“One of Mr. Colbert’s regular features is a 434-part series on the nation’s Congressional districts. His show last Thursday featured New York’s 19th District, in the heart of the Hudson Valley.”


New York Bets on High-Tech to Aid Upstate

“The East Fishkill factory — built on a site where I.B.M. closed a chip production line in 1993 — has helped stabilize the region’s economy by attracting other private investment and skilled workers.”


For Hispanic Parents, Lessons on Helping With the Homework

“Here in this city of 30,000, where 36 percent of the school population is Latino, most of them Mexican immigrants, the school district is working hard to help parents immerse themselves in school from kindergarten on.”


A Farm-to-Table Celebration

“In an age-old sequence that is now called ‘farm to table,’ Hudson Valley growers are busy harvesting apples, cabbages, cauliflowers and beets, causing chefs to make tarts, coleslaws, bisques and borschts.”


Regret Goes Beyond Politics in Small Town Rocked by War

“But if it can feel a place apart, with its three war dead in a town of just 10,000, Highland feels like every other place, only more so, as this election season winds down.”


River Views and Rolling Hills

“But to break it down to the prevailing stereotype, which may have outlived its accuracy, the east side is considered more upscale, the west side more casual.”


Sometimes Yesterday Doesn’t Seem So Far Away

“‘We were sitting in my yard and drinking beers, trying to think of a name,’ said Mr. Pauls, who lives in Beacon, resembles David Crosby and was a big Southern rock fan growing up.”


Holiday Bird on the Table, Flushed Out and Shot

“The game season runs from September to March at private preserves like this one in Millbrook, about 85 miles from New York City, where game birds — those hunted with pointing breeds like a spaniel — are stocked.”


As the War Drags on, She Keeps On Wrapping

“Now the war limps on, and the pictures at are of Army Pfc. Matt Harvey from Cornwall, N.Y., and Marine Lance Cpl. Chris Smolinski from Newburgh, N.Y., whose platoons will be the recipients of this year’s 125 gift bags of snacks, sweets, toiletries and clothes.”


The Snows of Yesteryear? Today They’re in Machinery

“And the good old days doesn’t mean a time when a resort like Windham could depend on real blizzards.”


North of New York, and Far East of the Usual Merry Little Christmas

“But increasingly, some seekers are finding their ways to other shrines, like Chuang Yen Monastery in Putnam County, with its architecture in the style of the Tang Dynasty and its Great Buddha Hall worship center, with its 37-foot-tall Buddha surrounded by 10,000 small Buddhas.”


When Going Downhill Is a State of Mind

“A teacher of top ski teachers, she is treated like a spiritual leader by her peers, a swami on skis. She described her Windham Mountain program, called Power Learn, as a holistic approach to better skiing.”


Homes Sell, and History Goes Private

“The operation of Locust Grove, an Italianate villa in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., owned by the inventor Samuel Morse, cost about $1.4 million this year, while admission fees generated only about half that.”


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