At Hudson River Center in Poughkeepsie; $100 Million Mixed-Use Plan

“Roughly half of the former Hudson River Psychiatric Center in Poughkeepsie would be developed for housing and commercial use under a plan announced by a partnership that has agreed to buy the 150-acre property.”


Now Playing in Pawling

“Now the legacy of these clubs lives on mainly in memory, with a few exceptions, notably the Bottom Line in Greenwich Village and Towne Crier in Pawling.”


Weekender | Pine Plains, N.Y.

“He said his clientele included ‘heads of Wall Street firms, major lawyers, retired chairmen of large corporations and entertainment celebrities,’ but they show little inclination to see and be seen.”


Houses With Guesthouses: A Little Privacy for Overnight Visitors

“WHERE: Windham, N.Y. WHAT: 4-bedroom house with 2-bedroom guesthouse. HOW MUCH — $549,000.”


Entrepreneur Is Accused Of Defrauding The Wealthy

“Mr. Zarro duped the Hudson Valley Philharmonic Orchestra of more than $50,000, the indictment said, in a scheme in which he proposed a series of summer concerts that would turn Amenia, N.Y., into another Tanglewood or Wolf Trap.”


Poughkeepsie: From Hotel, Icehouse and Supply Store to Offices

“A former hotel on the Hudson River here, once a bustling way station for railroad and steamboat passengers traveling between New York City and Albany, is being renovated as a modern 60,000-square-foot office building.”


Weekender | Jewett, N.Y.

‘This is a peaceful place, an authentic rural town,’ said Susan Beecher, a potter who has an apartment in Manhattan and a weekend house in Jewett.”


Students Seize Chance to Give Detailed Views on Budget

“Gov. George E. Pataki has proposed deep cuts to state education financing, and as a result, Poughkeepsie schools are preparing to slice $2.1 million from what would have been a $57.6 million spending plan.”


The Dia Generation

“Now along comes Dia:Beacon, set to open on May 18. Housed in a factory in Beacon, N.Y., that was built in 1929 to print boxes for Nabisco crackers, it will be the biggest museum of contemporary art in the world.”


Weekender | Clinton, N.Y.

“Clinton (a township in Dutchess County, not to be confused with the Village of Clinton farther upstate) has grown used to seeing celebrities and well-heeled visitors, including a growing corps of second-home buyers.”


An Old Box Factory Is a Haven for New Art

“Beacon is an economically depressed town about an hour north of Manhattan, and its location offered the opportunity to combine culture and urban renewal.”


House Proud: Thrill Rides on the Color Wheel

“The following year, the men settled into a tiny, run-down log cabin in the valley of an overgrown 40-acre property in Highland that they bought for $50,000.”


The Fleet Season When the Fish Is the Lure

“We were out here in his small weather-beaten boat because fishing for shad has been Mr. Mylod’s livelihood every spring for the last 30 years, and because though I write about food and have lived in the Hudson Valley for nearly a decade, I had never sampled the fish, a famed local delicacy.”


A 10-Part Hello Along the Hudson

“The Dia Foundation, the biggest new kid on the block in Beacon, N.Y., has found some neighborhood friends.”


As Artists Move In, Can a Gritty Town Adapt?

“Still, Mr. Ehrlich believes Beacon could prove irresistible to a certain type of New Yorker. ‘Clearly, somebody who lives on Fifth Avenue is not going to want a second home in Beacon,’ he said. ‘But somebody who lives in SoHo or TriBeCa might want a second home here because the energy level and creative base will be there.'”


Renaissance by the River

“Over the last couple of years, as the art world woke up to the fact that Dia, the preeminent nonprofit organization that supports contemporary art, was renovating a space in Beacon, a number of excellent galleries have popped up downtown that have become a boon to established and emerging artists living and working in the Hudson Valley.”


A Green Developer, in More Ways Than One

“His nonprofit group is embarking on its first real estate enterprise, the creation of a $40 million development in the former factory town of Beacon.”


A Museum Garden Multi-Tasks

“The artist Robert Irwin bristles at the very idea that he designed any gardens for the Dia Art Foundation’s new museum, which opened here earlier this month.”


Old Books and Antique Maps Near New Art in Beacon

“Debra Adamsons, who managed and owned Bruised Apple Books in Peekskill with Scott Sailor, picked the riverfront town of Beacon to set up a new store of used and rare books, which opened last month.”


Weekender | Millbrook, N.Y.

“Ric Ocasek of the Cars, Mary Tyler Moore and Liam Neeson all have houses in Millbrook, but they are among the newcomers. Residents, full time or part time, whose families have been in Millbrook for generations keep alive events like the Millbrook Hunt and the hunt ball.”


Taking Sides in the Hudson Valley: Plant Raises Issues of Pollution and Economic Change

“After only a few hours in Columbia County, a visitor becomes fully aware of what S.L.C. stands for. St. Lawrence Cement wants to build one of the largest coal-burning cement plants in the United States a few minutes away from here.”


Group Buying Land to Link 2 Big Parks

“For a dozen years now, the Open Space Institute, a nonprofit land conservation group, has been buying up private land around the two parks here in Putnam County — one of the fastest-developing areas in New York — and selling it at far less than cost to the state to use as public parkland.”


Upstate, From Eerie Video To Moods of Shaker Calm

“Although the upstate region has since been through cycles of boom and bust, it remains a significant source of fresh art, as the briefest summer day trip from Manhattan reveals.”


Art Shows in the Great Indoors

“Dia:Beacon is, of course, the big upstate draw and worth a return visit for the spectacular gallery of work by Bruce Nauman that has opened since spring.”


A Town Turns Out With Dinner

“Ms. Smith, who is an advocate for food-addiction awareness, was talking about her personal yoga studio ‘that I open only to friends’ in their barn at their Victorian house in Claverack.”


Windham: Queens Girl Drowns Upstate

“The girl, whose name was not released, was with six other children in a pond at Kelly Acres, a country inn in Greene County, when she went under.”


In the Upstate Hills, TriBeCa Fields Forever

“And so on a summer lark in 1995, they packed their T-squares, said ‘goodbye, city life’ and traded Manhattan for Omi, a 200-acre farm and colony for artists, musicians and writers, 100 miles north of the nearest newsstand selling European design glossies.”


Dutchess County, N.Y.: New Hotels on Hudson Valley Landscape

“While hotel demand is generally down in many parts of the country, it is growing in Dutchess County, local officials say.”


Weekender | New Paltz, N.Y.

“To Mr. Lawrence, the photographer, New Paltz is the perfect size. ‘There are lots of restaurants very close by if you want that,’ he said. ‘And there’s a huge artist community; the Hudson Valley is very friendly to that.'”


5 Die in Dutchess County Crash: Witnesses Reported Wild Driving

“Five people were killed in a head-on collision on a two-lane highway in Dutchess County, N.Y., on Sunday night, shortly after one of the cars was seen driving erratically, the state police said yesterday.”


Weekender | Germantown, N.Y.

“Two plants on the Hudson directly across from the town — Glens Falls Lehigh Cement in Cementon and St. Lawrence Cement in Catskill — break the otherwise ideal river view.”


Inside Art

“Since Dia:Beacon, the $50 million art museum in a renovated factory on 31 acres along the Hudson River in upstate New York, opened on May 18, 100,000 people have visited.”


Poughkeepsie: Vassar Fined For Waste

“Vassar College has been fined nearly $100,000 for the improper disposal of what federal inspectors called hazardous wastes, as well as the poor training of campus personnel in labeling, keeping track of and handling such wastes.”


In the Wild, Wild Backyard

“He has been keeping a file of bear sightings for years: September 1998, bear crashes a picnic in Stormville; August 2001, bear wanders down main street of Cold Springs; June 2002, two bears in two days are cornered and captured in Poughkeepsie.”


Fun Stirs At Resorts Without Snowfalls

“Draped in a thick coat of fur skins and wearing a Viking-like helmet, Ullr arrived as if by magic, if not astonishing coincidence, since this was Windham’s Ullr Fest.”


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