From the Classroom: New Discoveries with Cristian Uriostegui ’17

For the second installment of “From the Classroom,” we asked students to answer the following prompt:

Please describe a moment in class when your perspective changed about a certain topic, you learned something surprising, or something interested you and inspired to research more specifically about that topic. 

One of the components of the Producing Audio Narratives class that makes it so unique is the plethora of guest speakers that have come to deliver talks about radio, podcasts, and other modes of audio storytelling and reporting. Here’s what Cristian Uriostegui ’17 had to say about his experiences with these guest speakers:

The outside speakers who have come into Producing Audio Narratives have been essential in making the course the illuminating experience that it has been so far. Guests are people making their career in producing audio and have included Stephanie Foo, Audrey Quinn, Joe Richman, Chris Duffy, and Bianca Giaever, who won an Emmy in between the time she was in our first class and when she was in our most recent class a week ago. Having the opportunity to learn these speaker’s stories, talk to them about their techniques when encountering creative issues, and have them critique our work has been invaluable. The result of these experiences has been, for me, a seeming ability to get inside the head of these speakers and see what, to them, makes a good audio story and has helped me immeasurably in discerning between good and bad tape. Talking to them has also reaffirmed a notion I’ve heard about working in creative fields which is that you have to “create, create, create.”

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