Podcast of the Weekend 25: The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators

This past  week, the Collaboratory housed A(n Underground) Tale of Two Cities, an installation that simulated subway sounds and images from Beijing and New York City. In that vein, Roman Mars’ “tiny radio show about design,” 99% Invisible, released a podcast four years ago about the sounds from the DC Metro system. Press play below Read more about Podcast of the Weekend 25: The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators[…]

This Week in CAAD

Don’t miss the public lecture today with visiting artist, Mark Dion at 6:30pm in Taylor 203. Also, make sure to swing by the Collaboratory (just outside Rocky on the Quad side) to listen to sounds of the subway from Beijing and NYC. The installation, “A(n Underground) Tale of Two Cities” will be open to the Read more about This Week in CAAD[…]

Podcast of the Weekend 24: You’ve Never Seen A Lightbox Quite Like This

Many people tend to parse the arts from science and technology, associating the former with the past and tradition and the latter with the future and innovation. This is not the best way to think of these two disciplines, however; in fact, one could group art and science into the same discipline, as many institutions Read more about Podcast of the Weekend 24: You’ve Never Seen A Lightbox Quite Like This[…]

Creativity Breadcrumb 62: Corso Zundert

What do the Netherlands and Vincent van Gogh have in common? The answer is the town of Zundert, a region known as a global supplier of dahlia flowers. As a way of taking advantage of this supply, a parade is held there featuring elaborate floats made with said flowers. Occurring annually since 1936, this year’s theme Read more about Creativity Breadcrumb 62: Corso Zundert[…]


Be sure to check out the CAAD events for this week! Healing Narratives Monday, October 5 – Thursday October 8, 3:00-7:00p Collaboratory A group of Vassar students spent the summer interviewing Hudson Valley Hospice patients as part of the college’s multi-year Creative Arts Across Disciplines initative. One of the summer’s Multi-Arts Collective research projects, “Healing Narratives: De-Stigmatizing Read more about THIS WEEK IN CAAD[…]

Field Work: The Breakbeat Poets

On the night of Thursday, September 17, Wordsmiths brought poets Nate Marshall and Camonghne Felix to campus to host a writing workshop and to perform. I attended the performance. This is what I have to say about it: — I did not expect so many people to be there. I don’t know why. The Breakbeat Read more about Field Work: The Breakbeat Poets[…]