Congratulations to Art in Science Image Competition Winners!

Imaging/Imagining: An Art in Science Image Competition began accepting entries early this semester. Student team entrants had to include one science major and one arts/humanities major. Otherwise, any member of the Vassar community could submit images for consideration. Works were each submitted under one of the following categories:

  • The World Around Us – images in which the subject is visible to the naked eye
  • Visualizing the Unseen – images captured with the use of optics that extend beyond what the eye can see, such as microscopes and telescopes
  • Imagining Science – images that depict objects too small to be visualized directly, models of scientific phenomena or processes, or interpretations of scientific information

The Creative Arts Across Disciplines Initiative, in conjunction with the Asprey Center for Collaborative Approaches to Science, is proud to announce the winners!

Joseph Weiman ’17 – The World Around Us – La Paz

Lital Avni-Singer ’16 & Molly Osborn ’16 – Visualizing the Unseen – Anaphase Distilled

Leah Weingast ’17 & Audrey Keefe ’18 – Imagining Science – Cortical Night: A Golgi Stain of the Mouse Cortex

Congratulations to those five students! As the top entry in each category, they will receive $200 ($100 per student if paired) and a large format print of their image. Additionally, their pieces will hang in the Bridge Building from May 4th through graduation.

We also want to acknowledge six Honorable Mention submissions:

Hadley Bergstrom, Associate Professor of Psychology, Dendritic Trees in Cortex

Joseph Weiman ’17, Laguna Colorada

Leah Weingast ’17 & Audrey Keefe ’18, A Bird in Flight: Hippocampal Neuroanatomy at Single Cell Resolution

Lital Avni-Singer ’16, Frozen Bubble

Meredith Jane Ward ’18 & Sophie Tohl ’18, Biased Input and the Pathways Behind the “Learning Curve”

Mi Rae Shin ’16 & Gloria Park ’18, C. elegan

Their works will hang in Olmsted beginning May 6th.

Thank you to everyone who submitted images to the competition! It would not have been such a success without you.

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