Creativity Breadcrumb 60: Stern and Coppola at MoMA

From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires looks at Grete Stern and Horacio Coppola, and their work as avant-garde photographers. They met at the Bauhaus and migrated to London and Argentina, where they produced material that continued to explore photography and typography. The exhibition begins in the 1920s and ends in the 50s, with the series of surrealist Read more about Creativity Breadcrumb 60: Stern and Coppola at MoMA[…]

Field Work: Exodo and Soundwalking

Dip into the creative processes of two of CAAD’s summer projects, Exodo and Soundwalking. This week we bring you some of their sonic discoveries… EXODO Daniel Dones   cementerio |Cemetery noun the closest symbolic border extant in the States   twixt life and death we meandered through the graves spoke power into their names perhaps some Read more about Field Work: Exodo and Soundwalking[…]