TalkTech Notes January 14, 2010

What follows are links that I plan to refernence in today’s show. I’ll try and add Chad’s on the fly. Wish me luck.

This is very much a work in progress but I’ll refine it when we push out the podcast.

Pojo – January 5th

NEW YORK — ESPN is looking to ride one of the next big waves in consumer electronics with a new 3-D sports channel.

The network, owned by the Walt Disney Co., says it will introduce a channel this year that will broadcast live sports events using the technology, starting with the FIFA World Cup soccer match on June 11.

More on 3D


DCCC offering courses on Green Technology

Dutchess Community College will be offering three noncredit classes about photovoltaics, geothermal energy and solar thermal energy. These courses will offer a mix of classroom learning and hands-on experience.

Dutchess Community College is part of the Clean Energy Technology Training Consortium along with four other community colleges within Hudson Valley,” said Stevens. “We work to train teachers and create stackable credit courses that could lead to more credit classes in the long run.”To register for the session, call 845-431-8900 or e-mail

Big Tech
CES Summary
3DTVs, Internet TVs, eReader features

Approaching deadline for the jackalope mac tablet.

Netflix coming to Wii (also PS3)


iPhone Dictation App

Talk Tech in Social Netorking:

Edu Tech

UMUC can’t offer online course in MD

MN students get ipods

Students power down

Blogs Challenge traditional newspapers

Mobile Tech

Googe, anybody home?

Music / Entertainment:

Loudness Wars:

Avatar big splash

Xbox – Three rings of death

Star Wars Phantom Menace Reviews

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