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Talk Tech Episode 28, Feb. 18, 2010

These are some (hopefully most)  of the links here for TalkTech Episode 28 on Feb 18, 2010. Chat room worked great last week, so join us there .

Special Guest:

Dr. Peter Naegele, Instructional Technologist in Psychology Department at Oberlin College


Big Tech

Google Car chased by SpearFishers

Google Car chased by SpearFishers

Social Networking Tech


Mobile Tech

Area Tech

Fun Tech

My Next D&D Accessory – Microsoft Surface:

D&D on the Microsoft Surface from CrunchGear on Vimeo.

TalkTech Podcast Episode 24

Here’s a link to Episode 24 of TalkTech in iTunes U. The link works best if iTunes is already open. Sorry it took so long to get up, there were a bunch of hiccups in editing, exporting etc.

Most of the links mentioned in this show can be found in the January 14th TalkTech notes.