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TalkTech guest for Thursday – Joseph Ugoretz

We are looking forward to our guest on Thursday, Joseph Ugoretz. He gave a great presentation at WordCamp 2009. His email signature follows:

Joseph Ugoretz, PhD
Director of Technology and Learning
William E. Macaulay Honors College (CUNY)
35 West 67th St.
New York, NY 10023

At WordCamp, he spoke articulately and passionately about the use of WordPress as an ePortfolio system at Macaulay. Check them out here http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/

Vassar’s current ePortfolio system is more traditional product that the college leases. I was impressed by the model at Macaulay where students ccan use WordPress to document their work as part and parcel of their experiences as undergraduates. Instead of the ePortfolio being something you suddenly undertake as you enter the job market, it could be something that is built into your experience year to year. This seems like an excellent way for students to share their work.