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What’s the hoot about peacock deception?

Dishonest signals give misleading information about an animal’s size, intention, and quality. In animal communication, dishonest signals are maintained if they are rarely made or used in aggressive contests. However, when dishonest signals are commonly used in a population, they … Continue reading

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Stoeger Hears A Who: Estimating Age Ranges of Elephants from Acoustic Cues

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In Dr. Seuss’s book, Horton Hears A Who!, Horton finds a speck of dust containing a microscopic town called Whoville. While Horton is able to hear the townspeople, he is criticized by other animals for believing in something they cannot … Continue reading

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Floral Mimicry in the Orchid Mantis

He loves me… He loves me not… As you peel the petals off your flowers this Valentine’s Day, it may be important to ensure that it’s not an orchid mantis. Floral mimicry is most commonly found in orchids, where approximately … Continue reading

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