Peter Bunten Addresses Marlborough Historical Society

Peter Bunten, current Chairman of the MHAHP, spoke before the Marlborough Historical Society this past Sunday, October 28th. The session was chaired by the MHS President, John Scott. Mr. Bunten spoke of the intersection of slavery, antislavery and the Underground Railroad in the Hudson Valley, with a focus on Dutchess County. This is the second address in the past year made by MHAHP members to Ulster County historical organization, and it is the hope of MHAHP to strengthen ties between Dutchess and Ulster County history enthusiasts.

Mr. Bunten’s remarks included a look at the development of the Dutchess County economy and the subsequent growth of slavery; the key role of “self-emancipation” play by enslaved people, as evidenced through “Runaway Slave Advertisements”; the evidence for the Underground Railroad in Dutchess County; and the important role of Antislavery societies and African-American churches in the fight for the abolition of slavery.

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