Below you will find a compilation of digital antislavery resources regarding the Hudson Valley. For easier navigation, all resources have been categorized by type (historic sites, relevant organizations, research databases, etc.). Each resource has a short description detailing historical context and topical relevance.

Historic Sites are valuable sources of information and education about enslaved people in New York State. They serve as physical reminders of slavery, emancipation, and the antislavery movement throughout New York. 

(John Jay’s Bedford House, John Jay Homestead)

Organizations are highly useful for research, community empowerment, and as useful antislavery resources. MHAHP has compiled a list of organizations that range from local grassroots historical projects to large coalitions.

(Frederick Douglass Quote, CAS)

Research Databases are another type of resource conducive to uncovering history. The databases MHAHP has chosen are accessible and contain valuable primary sources and records.