Research and Publications



MHAHP’s 20-minute documentary of key sites and events in Dutchess County, available on YouTube, was a cooperative project with Communications and Media Arts students at Dutchess Community College.


SAUGDC CoverSlavery, Antislavery, and the Underground Railroad:  A Dutchess County Guide
This guidebook introduces residents and visitors to the history of slavery and the struggle for freedom in Dutchess County, New York. Published by Hudson House and available for purchase online and at most independent bookstores in Dutchess County.

36 Antislavery SongsAntislaverySongsCover
A collection of abolitionist songs and lyrics, set for a cappella performance.  Tracing the history of the antislavery movement from the 1830s through the end of the Civil War, the book includes interpretive notes on each song.  Published by Hudson House and available for purchase online and at most independent bookstores in Dutchess County.

Request for Materials

Letters, family papers, legal documents, records, are all sources for information in our research. If you have knowledge of any such printed materials relative to slavery and/or antislavery in Dutchess County, please communicate with us: