My enterprise is elliptical and parallel, with varying episodes of linearity. The ellipses sometimes are slightly offset and sometimes pull taut like a chain, the parallels sometimes converge, the linear can be as short as dashes and long as distance. I would say that time is the main element of my work. The effort to fill it with meaning, to deal with its relentlessness and to periodically supersede its insistence with the experience of an infinite presence, an infinite presence that could traverse ten minutes or five hours at a stretch. The subjects of my work are the bend of a curve, the conjunction of edges, the turn of a fold, the weight and nature of objects, the conjunction of idea and object, the way an idea sits in an object and next to an object and the way surface can obscure and also reveal. One of my aims is to close the distance between thinking, looking and making, to the point where it is hard to tell the difference.

Harry Roseman July 5, 2006