Vassar’s geospatial mapping resources include computer labs and mobile tablet computers equipped with GIS software, access to local, regional, and national data sets for research and teaching, recreational and mapping-grade GPS receivers, access to web mapping resources and professional consulting services. Vassar offers two courses in the Geography and Earth Sciences department for students to learn cartographic mapping and spatial analysis, and several other courses include geospatial mapping exercises as part of their curriculum.

Resources available to Vassar students and faculty are outlined in the pages of this section:

  • Learning GIS at Vassar – Courses that students can take to learn geospatial mapping skills
  • Using GIS at Vassar – Computer labs, GIS software and data available to Vassar students and faculty
  • Finding GIS data – Where to find GIS data for your geospatial mapping projects
  • Getting help – How to get help with your geospatial mapping projects at Vassar and beyond