Learning GIS at Vassar

Take one of the courses listed below, and let your instructor know you are interested in learning more. Look for summer projects that involve mapping, and let members of the department know if you want to volunteer on projects or practice applying GIS in class projects or in other contexts.

GIS and geospatial mapping courses at Vassar College that specifically focus on GIS tools and applications include:

  • GEOG/ESCI 220 – Cartography: Making Maps with GIS
  • GEOG/ESCI 224 – GIS: Spatial Analysis
  • GEOG 228 – Web Mapping: Advanced Approaches to Publishing

GIS is an important part of many courses in Earth Science and Geography, Anthropology, and other departments on campus. Some of these include:

  • GEOG 102 – Global Geography: People, Places, and Regions
  • GEOG/ESCI 260 – Conservation of Natural Resources
  • GEOG 256 – Geographies of Food and Farming
  • GEOG/URBS 356 – Environment and Land Use Planning
  • ESCI 151 – Earth, Environment, and Humanity
  • GEOG/ESCI 340 – Arctic Environmental Change
  • ANTH 100 – Archaeology
  • ANTH 170 – Topics in Anthropology
  • ANTH 231 – Topics in Archaeology