Student maps support Poughkeepsie transit analysis and recommendations

Comparison of former city bus routes and new county bus routes in Poughkeepsie, with income distribution by Census block group. Map by Siennah Yang (Geography, ’18). Click to view larger version.

The recent consolidation of the City of Poughkeepsie Transit bus system into Dutchess County Department of Mass Transit’s bus system has been much debated among city leaders, bus system users, and other stakeholders. One of the voices that have engaged in the debate was Dr. Kafui Attoh, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at CUNY, whose research focuses on issues of transportation equity. Working with Siennah Yang (Geography, ’18) to create maps comparing previous city routes and new county routes with information about the populations served and suggested alterations and additional routes, Dr. Attoh and Yang wrote a memo outlining their analysis of the routes with suggestions for improvements to better serve its users, and sent it to a number of city council members. 

While the new routes were met with some criticism on the first day of operation, Dr. Attoh credits Dutchess County officials for being aware of the problems described in his and Yang’s memo, and reported by users. Since adding a new route and increasing service on existing routes, Dr. Attoh says that three of the four suggestions in his and Yang’s memo have been addressed, noting that the the fourth – an increase overall frequency and lowering headway times – has not.

Download the Full Memo to read Attoh and Yang’s analysis, suggestions, and of course – view the maps! Referring to the the maps, Attoh wrote, “the visuals really helped!”

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