Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in the Hudson Valley


Renewable Hudson Area of Focus

Renewable Highlands is working to help transition the Hudson Highlands region towards environmentally conscious energy consumption by informing local municipalities of the benefits of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and asking for their support.  With enough municipalities involved, Renewable Highlands will provide assistance in obtaining and reviewing proposals from qualified energy suppliers, choosing a contract, and implementing the program.  By choosing to participate, municipal leaders give their constituents an option for saving money, stabilizing rates and supporting renewable energy.  At Renewable Highlands’ request, the Vassar GIS Lab recently created a custom map of the region in which the organization intends to appeal to communities (shown above).  Other CCA initiatives in the Hudson Valley include Citizens for Local Power in Ulster County, and Sustainable Westchester.  

For more information about CCAs, read Community Choice Aggregation 2.0 (2011), a paper by Local Power Inc discussing CCA strategy, funding mechanisms, and the adoption of a localized portfolio standard.


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