VassArt: A New Way to Express Art on Campus

Field Work Post by Adam Senack

Since beginning my work at CAAD this semester, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the arts. Being able to view so many different exhibits that utilize various mediums is exciting and inspirational. After seeing so many great exhibits, I decided I wanted to create a project of my own that would bring the community together and produce some amazing material.


Hope Challenger Watercolor and pen

VassArt is a pre-org started this semester by Katie Spence, Tania Li, Jenna Doucher, and myself. The group aims to bring people together every week where a comfortable space is provided to create art. Every week, we meet on Wednesdays in various dorm MPRs where people can come and draw whatever they like. We provide food and music to elevate the comfortability of the space. So far, attendance has been really great and we hope to expand the group once we receive a formal budget and incorporate other mediums such as clay and even clothing design that goes beyond just drawing.


Hope Challenger Watercolor and pen

Recently, a project we took up was painting the Jewett picnic table. It was a great experience to see so many people put their own mark on something that hopefully will remain on campus for a while. We hope to have more displays like these where people’s art can be shown for the whole campus and the community beyond to see. ¬†Follow @vassart_official to see people’s creations so far. I know my fellow co-runners of the org and I are very excited to see where the org goes over the next couple months.

It’s so important that the arts are appreciated and celebrated. I’m hoping this org can preserve people’s desire to create art ¬†and uphold a safe space where people can express themselves. I’m so excited to see the ways VassArt can make positive contributions to this campus and hopefully collaborate with CAAD in the future.

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