CAAD Showcased by Miscellany News Last Week

CAAD received a lot of coverage from the Miscellany News Arts section last week!

Source: Twitter @MiscellanyArts

Source: Twitter @MiscellanyArts

Noah Purdy and Elena Schultz, the arts section co-editors, wrote a great overview of many of the events supported by CAAD this fall.

Sam O’Keefe covered Create and Control’s experimental theater production, “In the Case of a Person” and included information directly from both the group members and members of the audience. Click the link to read more!

Schultz also wrote a preview piece for “Seeing Shadows, Hearing Echoes,” CAAD’s final Summer Multi-Arts Collective for this year, which will be installed in the Vassar Barns this Wednesday through Friday.

Izzy Braham also wrote a piece about Mark Dion’s exhibition the week before, published on September 21. Please visit the Misc online to read more.

Special thanks to everyone on staff at the Miscellany News for covering these exciting events!

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